ViTutors is an online tutoring marketplace where you can hire tutors from anywhere in the world. In addition, the site provides all the technologies for live teaching and communication, including state-of-the-art video, audio, chat, and whiteboard systems.

There are two ways to hire tutors at One is to check the profiles of the tutors in our listings and select one directly. The second way to hire a tutor is to post a tutoring job and have the tutors in our listing bid for your job and select one you like. Either way, you will be able to compare and select a tutor who meets your needs perfectly.

Sure, you can. You can discontinue your tutoring with any tutor at any time and select another one anytime.

Yes, you can. Just contact your tutor to cancel or change your next session.

It depends on the tutor you hire. Each tutor has his/her own fee schedule. Please check the profiles of the tutors you like and see their fee structure. ViTutors adds 15% service fee on the top of tutor fees.

ViTutors is a virtual tutoring site. Unless your tutor happens to be local and you both agree to meet, the meeting will be online.

Yes. You can record videos of sessions and save files for future use.

Yes. At the time of hiring a tutor, you can discuss and set terms and conditions (for on-demand tutoring) with your tutor.

Our web interface is currently in English. However, an sessions or communications between the tutor and student can be done in any language they choose.

All you need is a decent computer with a webcam and Wi-Fi connectivity, and an internet connection. There is no download required.

Where are some delay is normally unavoidable, it depends on the terms and policies of each tutor. Please discuss this with your tutor while hiring.

Please contact ViTutors customer support and we will help resolve it promptly. Please send us email to [email protected].

Text or email your tutor requesting a session. The tutor will be able to schedule one for you.

Yes. You can contact your tutor at any time.

Payment is done by credit card using our secure payment gateway. While hiring, you will be asked to provide a credit card number. This card will be charged according to the terms and conditions your agree with the tutor. For example, it can be a periodic paymnet (weekly or monthly), or one-time payments based on the services provided.

It depends on the terms and conditions agreed upon with the tutor and the timing of the cancellation. Regardless, in all cases, our 24-hour refund gaurantee applies.

Regardless of the terms and conditions agreed upon between the tutor and student, if a student or parent is not happy with a tutor, they can aks for refund and ViTutors will refund them in full.

Yes, you can. However, we recommend computers and tablets for a more convenient teaching environment.

ViTutors provides tutoring for all levels, from elementary edution to university educations. Our tutors indicate their particular specialities and levels in their profiles. Please check before hiring.

Our tutors are personally checked and interviewed before they are approved for tutoring. Further, we monitor feedback and performance of our tutors periodically, especially for new ones. In addition, being a virtual environment, our tutoring is remote and does not have personal involvement.

The minimum qualification required for being a tutor in our system us Bachelor's degree. Many have higher degrees, including Master's and Ph.D. In addition to university qualificatiions, we require good communication skills and personality.

Look for register link on our pages and register either as a student or as a tutor. Fill in the required fields. Your email will be authenticated using a link sent to your email address. Alternatively, you cal also create an account using you social media or email account, such as Facebook or Gmail.

As with any individual, anything is possible with your tutor, including emergencies. In the event your tutor does not show up, please send us email to [email protected]. We will refund your fee in full and, if necessary, help you change your tutor.

Login to your account, go to your profile, and change any part of your profile, including email address, credit card number, etc.

For any questions and help, please shoot us email to [email protected].

ViTutors is open to any student, parent, and tutor throughout the world. Our interface is currently in English, but anyone from anywhere can use our platform.

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