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12 Reasons Why You Need a Science Tutor

There are many reasons why students and parents will need science tutoring. In the minds of many, the top reasons why you need a science tutor are it strengthens subject comprehension, boosts confidence, improves grades, and enhances classroom participation. However, the real value of science tutoring extends way beyond these. It sparks curiosity, builds independent learning skills that last a lifetime, and sets a career focus in your child. What more could a parent desire in a child? In this article, we will discuss all the ways in which science tutoring can shape your child’s future in a lasting way.

#1 Personal attention from science tutor

It goes without saying that tutoring gives students individualized attention that they don’t get in a classroom. With sessions shifting online, this advantage becomes even more palpable. Online science tutoring helps struggling children to keep up with coursework. Not only that, it even pushes the limits of students who aren’t challenged enough in a classroom group session. Online or in-person science tutoring also keeps students on track and engaged during long breaks from school. Even if you are able to identify a college grad who wants to pursue online science tutoring as a side hustle, such as online chemistry tutoring or physics tutoring, it will go a long way toward achieving this goal.

#2 Customized learning

This is a key motivation behind hiring a good science tutor. Each child has a natural interest in a different area of science. Some children spend hours watching bugs and reptiles, while others turn the garage into a coding and computing zone. Also, children have different learning abilities and grasp concepts in their own unique ways. Science is all about knowing the concepts and a good science tutor will be able to translate them to your child in a customized way without being at odds with your child’s natural learning style. Whether through whiteboards or demonstrations, a science tutor will devise effective teaching methods customized for your child.

Chemistry tutoring

Chemistry tutoring

#3 Building the foundation

The challenge in science learning is that students tend to bury themselves in complicated foreign concepts or get stuck deciphering foreign ideas. This happens often in subjects like physics where concepts can seem a bit over the top. A good physics tutor will immediately spot such difficulties and set the focus on foundational principles before going advanced. With a great tutor, you will observe a remarkable change in the student’s ability to grasp and even apply advanced concepts very quickly.

On the other hand, if you allow challenges to persist, it leads to a loss of motivation in science learning and ultimately a fear of those subjects. That would be a complete waste. In fact, if any kid out there expresses that science is “boring” or “tough”, that is a sure sign that something is not right about the teaching. And a signal that a science tutor or physics or chemistry help may be needed.

#4 Resetting science tutoring goals

Science tutoring is the first place to turn if you want to provide encouragement and reassurance to children feeling overwhelmed by their schoolwork. It boosts the confidence of those doubting their own abilities. Does it mean that only struggling children should be tutored? The answer is no. The real value of science tutoring is actually quite far from remediation and grade improvement. It is about maximizing one’s ability to learn and flourish in the subject.

There is evidence that clearly points to the fact that science tutoring has astounding results on improving curiosity and scientific temper in children. Several stories have shown children with science tutors winning science and innovation competitions in high school. As you can see, the impact is not so much on grades as it is on changing the child’s attitude towards science learning.

So, when you’re searching for science tutors online or otherwise, make sure you reset your goal behind getting a science tutor for your kid. This will fetch the maximum bang for the buck.

#5 Science tutoring for career focus

As parents, it’s very heartening to hear your child express aspirations like “I want to become a rocket scientist”. But how often do we ever consider hiring a physics tutor to nurture this interest in rocketry?

If your child has a career fixation in the field of science, it is a good idea to encourage it through tutoring. Ask what your child wants to become. Surgeon? Researcher? Spaceman? Biologist? Chemist? Give the child a “science buddy” such as a physics tutor or chemistry help or whatever his/her area of interest might be.

It is observed that the ideal career choice for young adults is one in which they have demonstrated an interest during their formative years. Being good in the basics of a field from an early stage opens opportunities in the future.

Online chemistry tutoring

Online chemistry tutoring

#6 Learning everyday science

Observing a falling apple is definitely a more effective lesson in gravity than reading about it in a book. History stands in evidence. Everyday things have immense potential to spark a love of science if only someone were to “turn on the lights”!

A science tutor has the luxury of stepping outside the constraints of a curriculum and encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and learning in students. The most fascinating part of science tutoring, such as online chemistry tutoring or physics tutoring, is when children discover that there are scientific principles at play all around us all the time. Without help, it may be hard for children to make that connection between classroom biology, physics or chemistry and the world around them. Classroom teachers often don’t bother to take the learning beyond ‘book learning’ or show how science is part of our daily lives. That task often falls upon the science tutor.

#7 Improves curiosity levels

Curiosity is at the foundation of every big and small scientific breakthrough made by humankind. However, following the previous point, it must be noted that classroom teaching often fails to spark curiosity for science in students.

There are inherent limitations in classroom teaching that must be overcome through science tutoring. For one, students must be able to ask questions freely and limitlessly, which isn’t feasible in a classroom setting where lessons are time- and curriculum-bound. Tutoring, however, being a one-on-one exercise gives a great opportunity to the child to ask plenty of questions. A good science tutor would provide an environment conducive of developing healthy curiosity levels.

#8 Science tutors come armed with teaching aids

While schools provide students with course materials to support the curriculum, a classroom teacher rarely goes beyond them. A good and experienced science tutor will supplement that with interesting teaching aids. A whole host of free resources are available these days, like simulation games, charts, posters, educational videos, animation clips, etc.

Some really serious science tutors, particularly chemistry tutors have basic lab equipment to introduce lab practice into everyday lessons. What more could a child want to be super excited about science learning than practical work? There is simply no way your child is going to doze off in such a lesson!

Biology tutors can design lessons that involve nature trails, zoo visits, or natural history museum tours. There is no better teaching aid than the real thing, is there? In any case, when you hire your science tutor, make it a point to set the expectation about using innovative teaching aids to enhance the child’s engagement levels.

Physics tutoring

Physics tutoring

#9 Science tutors untangle and simplify learning

Let us take a step back to coursework, remediation, and grade improvement in science subjects. Take the example of chemistry tutoring. It is common to find children struggling to remember the formulas needed to pass school exams. Online chemistry tutoring will be able to quickly put together a chart of the most important formulas organized in a logical way. It helps your child assimilate and memorize them quickly and, more importantly, save the time spent feeling confused and lost in an ocean of formulas.

There is much to memorize in the science curriculum and not every kid is good at it. The science tutor’s job is to clear the air and make daunting coursework look surmountable. The other aspect is parsing through and filtering out the most important and relevant portions from a test and exam point of view. Children often lose sight of priority topics and end up spending way too much time on less important ones. Even worse, it hits their motivation hard when they end up scoring low after all the hard work. This can be avoided easily by having a science tutor help them cover the topics effectively.

Science tutoring online is a global industry with tutors from all over the world. There are many out there from many countries offering physics tutoring or chemistry help. Therefore, if you are going for an online science tutor make sure that the tutor is familiar with local curriculum requirements.

#10 Encourages patience and resourcefulness

As with everything learning, if you tell children, they will listen and forget. If you show children, they will remember. You have heard this before, right? A science tutor will apply this in the lessons and show students what science is through practicals and experiments. In fact, you can insist on it when you hire one for your child.

Experiments require trial and error. Learning happens when something doesn’t work the first time and the child has to try again. When science tutors give them enough room to keep trying, it fosters patience and resourcefulness.

Science is a subject area where a question is presented before you while the answer has to be sought over time. Until then, you note down your observations from experiments. Science is a beautiful lesson in patience and problem-solving that kids can learn from their tutors.

Science tutoring

Science tutoring

#11 Science tutoring improves scientific communication


Following instructions is important for getting good grades in science. For example, when doing a dissection or chemistry lab experiment, you need to go through the instructions carefully. Tutors inculcate a habit in students of reading each detail of a procedure or lab manual. This attention to detail learned in the formative years will go a long way in having a successful career.

Verbal skills:

Science is also an opportunity to engage in teamwork. Students learn collaboration and communication of ideas in a constructive way. They learn the art of working towards a common goal through interpersonal skills. Besides, there will be several opportunities to make presentations to an audience about one’s work, particularly if the child participates in science tests or competitions.


A science tutor will insist on maintaining a science notebook to keep the sessions organized. For example, online chemistry tutoring, or physics tutoring will teach the student how to write down a lab procedure. A biology tutor can teach how to accurately describe a plant in words. These early lessons in writing bite-sized reports are the crucial building blocks in what’s to come in the future.

#12 Science tutoring encourages independent learning

A crucial part of the science tutor’s job is to instill a love for independent learning. The best part it is that its impact will be felt across the board in all subjects. A lot depends on the groundwork done by science tutors who break down the process of learning into doable and enjoyable steps.

This involves setting objectives and outcomes, planning and designing activities, and identifying an effective learning sequence. The tutor effectively helps the student get invested in the process of figuring stuff out. As it happens, what you get invested in, you start loving. Likewise, students eventually develop a knack for independent learning and will be able to follow all the steps independently.

Now, we understand that this is an ambitious goal to have for your child. To help you succeed, when you hire a science tutor, you might want to observe the lessons initially. A well-qualified and experienced tutor will surely deliver on this more than an amateur tutor.

Chemistry help

Chemistry help

Where to find quality science tutoring near me?

We would strongly recommend that you look online to find your science tutor or other subject tutors. There are many advantages in online tutoring that you must certainly look to capitalize on. These days you have a variety of options for science tutoring online that allows for online transfer of skill and knowledge via technology tools.

The best online tutoring platforms are designed to help students find not only math, biology tutoring, physics tutoring, or chemistry tutoring, but also discover amazing subject area experts even for niche science topics such marine biology, astronomy, artificial intelligence, etc., and subjects from math and science to language arts and test prep.

Most popular platforms offer tutors for different educational levels and are well supported with video chat and whiteboard technology. We at ViTutors go a step further. We offer private online tutoring from anywhere in the world for all levels and budgets, and with a great deal of flexibility and choices like no other. Good luck with your science tutoring!

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