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Why You Need Coding Tutors – Python Tutors, C++ Tutors, Java Tutors, SQL Tutors

Before we dive into how to find coding tutors nearby, let’s first understand what you can expect from coding tutoring or computer programming tutoring program. Most coding tutors come with a degree in computer programming and plenty of coding experience. And they come with different specialties: Python tutors, Java tutors, SQL tutors, C++ tutors, C# tutors, C tutors, etc. The computer tutor designs a lesson plan based on the level of the student, i.e., different lesson plans for K-12 to amateur computer programming enthusiasts. At the basic level, a student will learn how to write programming codes using programming languages such as Python, C++, Java, etc. Depending on the time, some of these subjects are more in demand than others. In this article, we will tell you all about coding tutors in some detail.

Coding costs and benefits

The greatest demand for computer programming and coding tutoring is at the school level. This is because the school curriculum lags woefully behind with respect to the coding skill needed in the current day job market. There is ample demand for coders in the technology industry and this is steadily going to rise as the world moves towards big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, etc. There are several different programming languages that you can learn in order to make upwards of USD 80,000 a year. If you are looking to improve your employability and earning potential, this is it. And it is never too late to start.

Popular computer tutoring subjects include Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, etc. Coding tutoring isn’t exactly cheap. For example, online python tutors or SQL tutors can charge anywhere between $55 an hour to $200 an hour. Therefore, you need to be clear about why you want to go for coding tutoring in the first place. If you go through this article, you will gain clarity on the benefits of computer tutoring and how to start learning computer programming.

Python Tutors

Python Tutors

The top tutoring choices for coding careers

Python tutoring

Currently, Python tutoring is the most sought-after amongst all coding tutoring options. Python tops all charts as a programming language. It is a very beginner-friendly programming language and a good place to start exploring what coding is all about. It is particularly suitable for school students who do not know if software engineering is going to be their career choice.

Python careers: A lot of professionals from non-computing backgrounds use this in their day-to-day work. It is extremely popular in machine learning and AI projects in research across fields. If you have your eyes set on machine learning and AI, you should definitely start working with a python tutor who has professional coding experience. It is also used by software engineers in building web, mobile, and desktop applications, although it isn’t considered the best fit for this purpose.

Therefore, you can be assured that the time, effort, and money you spend towards pythontutor will come in handy in a wide variety of career paths. Python tutoring is a great way to enter the vast field of coding because it is very simple and clutter-free.

Java Tutors

Java Tutors

Java tutoring

A lot of young people seem to think Java is dead and boring. In reality, it is quite the opposite. Java tutoring is still a very popular choice amongst programming enthusiasts. You see, there are millions of projects built using Java and they are not being migrated to any new programming language, like say Kotlin. If you look at the job market, tens of thousands of open job opportunities exist for Java developers, Java tutors, etc. This explains why Java tutoring is still a hot field regardless of what some might say about new programming languages replacing Java.

Java careers: Java is used in ERP applications. Plenty of global IT companies use Java to build applications that are large-scale. Some of the names that use Java to build their tech infrastructure are Uber, Twitter, etc. As you can see, Java is going nowhere for a while. Also, it is expected to throw open plenty of employment opportunities in the coming years. Another area where Java is used extensively is in the development of native Android apps. If that sort of thing interests you, then by all means you must opt for Java tutoring. Your Java tutor can also help you connect with the huge community of Java developers and resources that are available online today.

Tons of materials related to software engineering related to data structures, algos, design patterns, software architecture, and automated testing are based on the Java programming language. In summary, if you are at all inclined towards a career in software engineering, then Java tutoring is just the foundational program you may need. Java is your passport to the programming world.

JavaScript tutoring

JavaScript tutoring is also a hugely popular coding tutoring option given how widely used and versatile this programming language is. It is used to build webs, mobile, and desktop applications.

JavaScript careers: If you want a career in web and mobile applications development, then you must necessarily take up JavaScript tutoring. It is used in the development of cross-platform mobile apps, for example, an iOS and Android app using a single code base in JavaScript. JavaScript has a huge community of developers too that you can easily access.


C++ tutoring

The C++ language is a low-level language that appears to have no real competitor in the coding world for what it can do. It is the fastest programming language, which means it is used in applications and programs where every nano-second matters.

C++ careers: If you want to become a game developer, you will certainly need to consider C++ tutoring. Other time-sensitive applications such as those in the world of finance and stock trading need this language. Owing to the great demand for C++ programmers in the job market, C++ tutoring is very popular.

This programming language hasn’t really gone anywhere in ages. Therefore, self-learning C++ can be difficult due to a lot of outdated documentation, leaving a beginner confused as to where to begin. This is yet another reason why you will need a C++ tutor to get started quickly and learn this language effectively.

SQL tutoring

Technically, SQL isn’t a programming language, but, rather, a “structured query language. Ultimately what matters is it is going to be a critical part of your computer education. No matter what programming language you choose to work with, if you want to create web or mobile apps, you will need to deal with data and databases. When you deal with databases, you will necessarily need knowledge of SQL. Pureplay SQL developers are not as highly paid as other coders but close. So, please find yourself an SQL tutor.

SQL Tutors

SQL Tutors

Why is Python tutoring popular?

If we are discussing computer programming or coding tutoring, it goes without saying that Python tutoring needs a special mention. For this reason, we will examine the reasons behind the immense popularity of Python tutoring and Pythontutors.

Employment opportunities in Python:

Take any employment site and search for Python jobs. There are a massive number of openings from beginner level to high-end profiles, from Python developers to Pythontutors. The reason is that Python programming is being used in a wide variety of areas. So, you can even be selective about the domain you want to work in. For example, you can specifically take up roles in medicine, finance, consumer research, etc. The types of roles range from entry-level data analyst roles to high-end software engineer roles.

High paying jobs:

Right now, Python skills sell like hot cakes in the job market. Some of the highest paying technology positions demand Python programming skills. In the United States, the average salaries for Python jobs exceed USD 110,000. Because it is in such demand, spending money on a Pythontutor is actually a good investment. It will certainly increase your employability.

Startups opportunities:

Some of the most disruptive startup ideas of the last decade use Python-based technologies at the back-end. Examples are Netflix, Instagram, Spotify, and Reddit, to name a few. Tech startups needing web development, data analysis, machine learning, data visualization, etc., prefer using Python. Some of the advantages that startups have in using Python programming are a wide choice of standard libraries, convenient big data handling, use of popular Python frameworks like Django, easy scalability, etc. There is research that indicates that Python is used by over 70,000 companies globally. Who knows? Your Python tutoring investment with a Pythontutor might unlock an interesting role in the next big startup idea.


Even absolute beginners and newcomers to programming can come up the curve quite quickly with Python. Robust and versatile, Python is highly readable and has a user-friendly uncomplicated syntax. It actually reads like English and is relatable. Therefore, you can focus on applying logic and thinking like a programmer without worrying about syntax. If you have any experience in programming, you can learn Python basics in just a couple of months.

Versatility and adaptability:

Python programming is used for a wide range of purposes. Because it wasn’t developed for any specific purpose, it isn’t limited by specific templates or APIs. It can be quickly used to develop any kind of application. Likewise, even your Python skills will be fungible across sectors and functions.

C Tutors

C Tutors

Free resources to learn coding basics

If you are an absolute beginner and you are simply curious about computer programming or if you want to attempt self-paced learning of a language, there are a host of resources available to you teaching all sorts of programming languages. In that case, if you don’t mind putting in the extra hours, you may not even need any coding tutor like C tutor, C++ tutor, or C# tutor. Some are text-based coding platforms while others are visual block platforms. Many of these resources use gamification to teach kids coding basics.

MIT Media Labs Scratch

This is a free resource ideal for K-8 level students as a beginner’s guide to coding. Scratch is designed as a visual block platform that teaches coding concepts. It gives children creative freedom by enabling the development of games, animations, text, stories, music, etc. There are modules for teachers and parents to learn about programming as well.


This is a free coding platform for very young kids of 5 -7 years. It was developed at MIT following Scratch and can be accessed on any mobile device. is a free web-based resource. Schools use it widely to teach K-12 students computer science in a structured and sequential way. The coding curriculum is organized by levels. partners with Minecraft, Scratch, Tynker, CodeBattle, etc., to give school students game and app development experience. even has resources for teachers who would like to teach coding.


CodaKid is an award-winning multi-year curriculum for teaching kids coding. It’s suitable for 3rd to 9th graders and offers teacher support for troubleshooting or for questions they aren’t able to find answers to. Students can progress at their own pace through video tutorials. It offers a free trial version but is otherwise a licensed product.

The Khan Academy

They offer a free beginner’s guide to teaching K9-12 level kids coding even if they are absolute beginners. They have structured video tutorials that are designed to educate kids about the basics of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other areas in computer programming. Kids learn how to make animations with JavaScript, webpages, and 2D games. These are easily accessible on the web and mobile devices.

C# Tutors

C# Tutors


Codecademy is a free coding resource recommended for 7th – 12th graders on HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Bash/Shell, and Ruby. In addition to coding courses for beginners, it provides lesson plans to help computing tutors and teachers plan their sessions. They have quizzes, practice content, and exercises in coding. Codecademy’s USP is in text-based languages. One can also upgrade to the premium version for more support on lessons.


This platform gives students hands-on experience with 3D interactive visual design and text-based coding in the C#. Unity allows learners to publish their game creations to various platforms. They get to create 2D or 3D scenes, cinematics on this tool. Unity if free for students.


This is a multi-player game-based coding platform. Kids learn how to code while they design their own games. They can also connect with their friends online being a multi-player platform.

Stencyl has a drag-and-drop interface, just like Scratch. Students learn coding through gamification. They can then publish their game codes on various platforms.

Coding Bat is suitable for kids above 12 years, to learn Java and Python through online interactive lessons. They have text lessons and hands-on practice activities online.

Lightbot is a game-based platform where kids can learn coding concepts like sequencing, overloading, procedures, recursive loops, and conditionals. You can access it on web and mobile devices.




Online coding tutors offer programming courses in packages that may combine one or more languages. Usually, coding tutors specialize in one or more popular subjects. Therefore, you will find Python tutors, Java tutors, SQL tutors, C++ tutors, C# tutors, C tutors, etc.

Depending on your career goals, you may design your own learning path with your coding tutor. If you discuss your career plans with your tutor, she/he will be able to customize a package for you.

Private computer tutoring can be (and must be) blended with a self-learning tool. This is a great way to get the best of both worlds. That way, when you come across an unfamiliar concept on the platform, you can get it clarified from your computer tutor right away.

While there are several self-paced programs to learn coding online, a coding tutor has a big advantage over them. You see, watching someone code in a video tutorial is very different from writing your own code for a real-world project. An experienced Pythontutor or C tutor, for example, can teach you to write your own code and place it in a real-world environment. And that makes all the difference in learning programming. Good luck with your programming career!

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